consultation.jpgThe Consortium recognises the importance of consulting local people and listening to a wide range of views as part of the plan-making process. In recent years the following public exhibitions were held:

• Early proposals for the development across the SDL (September 2008);
• Follow up SDL-wide exhibition with further detail (May 2009);
• Proposals for Shinfield West (November 2009);
• Proposals for Spencers Wood & Three Mile Cross (December 2011);
• Proposals for north of Cutbush Lane, Shinfield (February 2012);
• SDL update ‘drop in’ event (January 2013);
• Shinfield Local Centre Design Brief consultation (March - April 2013);

• Eastern Relief Road information 'drop in' events (December 2014)

At each event there was an opportunity to talk with those preparing the plans and to provide feedback. The Consortium has also held a number of meetings with local councillors, local residents and with Shinfield Parish Council. Separate exhibitions were also held for the University’s planned Science and Innovation Park (September 2008) and for the Manor, Shinfield (March 2010) (neither of which fall within the formal boundary of the SDL).