A mixed use Local Centre will be located close to existing facilities at School Green and will contain a foodstore and other retail uses; a community building, some employment space and specialist housing for the over 55s.  This will complement the existing community facilities at School Green, and help to create a vibrant community focus in the heart of the village.

A copy of the design brief document can be found here.

Mixed Use Buildings including supermarket

The new supermarket will be an important focus for the Local Centre and therefore needs to be in a prominent location to ensure it is seen from the surrounding area. The smaller retail units should be located towards the square in order to ensure that the square is vibrant and the smaller shops receive passing trade as people go to and from the supermarket.

• Supermarket of up to 2,500sq m (gross internal floorspace), office space can be provided on upper floors;
• Retail (A1-A5) of up to 750 sq m (gross internal floorspace);
• Office (B1) of up to 450 sq m;
• Residential (C3) in form of apartments above retail and/or as separate apartment block.


Community Building

Initially, the new community building will have a minimum size of 560 sq m floorspace, although it will be to enable a possible extension up to a total of 1,000 sq m.

This multi-functional community building shall include:
• a neighbourhood police office;
• a children’s centre facility;
• space for a library;
• space for place of worship (if required);
• meeting rooms;
• a hall;
• ancillary facilities (e.g. kitchen, WCs, storage areas, lifts).

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Shinfield Square

Shinfield Square is designed to be a public area to that creates a community focus in direct relationship with School Green.  The smaller retail units will also form an active street frontage with mixed ground floor uses focused around the square.

An illustration of how Shinfield Square could look is below:

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Shinfield Local Centre Access & Car Park

The car park area will include cycle parking, landscaped edges and hedgerows within the car parks and, potentially, a recycling area.

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Shinfield Local Centre