A new relationship with the environment


Accessible green spaces are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Alongside the building of new homes there was a conscious effort to ensure that the amount of green space available for the public to use for walking, nature conservation, sports and recreation was increased and improved. A network of accessible green spaces link the new developments, with new footpaths, cycleways and leisure spaces. 


Green space has also been used to maintain the distinct identity of each village, protect and enhance key features such as woodland and the River Loddon, and provide natural links between the villages and new developments.

Within the development areas there are a range of new open spaces being provided, the first of which is already open and providing a countrywide walk alongside important nature conservation. The Langley Mead SANG allows new access to the open countryside landscaped in a loop with associated parking. This green public space, alongside the River Loddon, helps avoid recreational pressure on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area for ground nesting birds.

Further open spaces at Ridge SANG, Mays Farm SANG and Five Acre Field SANG will all provide varied and semi-natural countryside walks and riverside views. Each SANG will be linked, providing a wildlife corridor and are bring brought forward alongside new development. 

The University is actively involved in the management of these open spaces. As part of our work, we undertake various activities including the creation and restoration of hedgerows to provide enhanced habitat for nesting birds, replanting of wildflower meadows and native species alongside creation of new ponds and wildlife habitats for amphibians and Grass Snakes.