Building stronger stable communities


The South of M4 wanted to provide, early on, the infrastructure needed to support a new community. This way, the provision of new schools, community facilities, play areas and new shops could be planned and delivered as part of the development, supporting new and existing residents. 

By taking on the task in a more coordinated way, the need for better services and facilities (such as more robust electrical supplies and improvements to the water and sewage system) could be planned and delivered with longer term needs taken into account. The University of Reading was at the forefront of investing in this improved infrastructure early on.

New primary schools are important parts of new communities at Shinfield West and Spencers Wood and financial contributions were made to improve Secondary education.  Informal and formal play areas were provided in each of the developments, and sports pitches and allotments are key new community facilities the University of Reading will help to deliver.

Science Park.jpg

A major new employment area, the Thames Valley Science Park, is already delivering a range of new employment opportunities for science and technology based industries. Using the connections with the University of Reading, the science park will provide a long term and important source of employment for the area.  


These various facilities, employment areas and open spaces are all connected by new footpaths and cycleways, connecting the villages and the facilities in a sustainable way.