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A new local centre for Shinfield that will contain a major food store, other retail units and employment space surrounding a ‘traditional’ public square. Plans for this are still being developed and will likely come forward in 2019/2020.

Shinfield Parish Council is promoting the proposals for a new community building with a village hall, and meeting rooms and kitchen, a children’s centre and space for a library. This space will include the former British Legion building, which was purchased by the parish with assistance from the University of Reading. 

The Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley, which forms part of the Thames Valley Science Park, provides a range of oncology services, both planning and treatment, with proton therapy (from mid 2019) and radiotherapy for adults and children, Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies (SACT) for adults only, as well as supportive therapies tailored to patients’ clinical needs.


The British Museum has partnered with the University of Reading to develop the British Museum Archaeological Research Collection (BM_ARC), a new storage and research facility in Shinfield. Subject to planning permission, the new facility in Shinfield would house part of the British Museum’s research collection, including ancient sculptures, mosaics, archaeological assemblages and historic casts. The presence of the British Museum will enrich the cultural and academic life of Shinfield and the surrounding area, giving local schools, museums, heritage organisations and the public access to the collection by appointment. With a focus on global research, the facility and associated study rooms will give university students and academics access to the unique objects housed there.